Kebra released a new single dubbed “Single Again”. It emphasizes the definition of a typical high-life love song. The song was recorded by Jo Quaye and it was released August 15, 2020. Kebra’s songs are addictive and his audiences are constantly yearning for more.  The melody, punchline, and the love message in “Single Again” will captivate your body and soul. If you want to understand Kabra’s music listen to “The One”.

Kebra released a new single dubbed “Single Again”

“Single Again” is one of the best reggae dancehall love tunes I have come across. It is a super tune from the western regions. Kebra delivers promising and talented reggae dancehall art. The storyline is what actually makes the new single a hit. It talks about a very sad love story which I presume the content wills perfectly suite any occasion or religious affiliation. Kebra is a Reggae Dancehall and Afro-beat artist who hails from the Western Region of Ghana. He is well versed in all genre of music as most of his songs are diversified in content but not origin. Kebra’s music is culturally sound, traditionally good, and melodically spiritual. He sings about peace, survival, the ghetto youth, thanksgiving, reality, gospel, and much more. His style varies from many Ghanaian dancehall artists in my opinion. He perfectly combines the Fanti dialect with English, Jamaican Patoi, and Twi. There is no artist in Ghana who can combine the said languages better than Kebra. There were even some unpleasant feelings among Kabra’s fans especially in the western region of Ghana when he was discarded from the 2020 western music award. I personally spoke to Kebra and his managers, TJ DJ of Yfm Takoradi and Dani Mudeen, they said they didn’t file for this year’s nomination due to the lack of publicity during this Covid-19 pandemic. Organizers have accepted the fact that Covid-19 is what caused the lack of publicity of this year’s awards.

Kebra Promising Reggae Dancehall artist

Reggae Dancehall music is perceived by many as music that spreads hate. Reggae dancehall artists who are conscious and productive use music as a tool to speak to the youth. They use it to speak on behalf of the masses. It is powerful majestic music, used to address social issues. Reggae dancehall is used to speak directly to the general public. Kebra’s music is no different from other educative, informative, and conscious reggae dancehall music. In addition to, the new single dubbed “Single Again”, there are more exemplary songs by Kabra like “The One, 69, Tole, Ring, Feel Wo (You), Naana, and Your Love”. You can download Kebra’s songs from sound-cloud or simply follow this link to download the new single dubbed “Single Again”. Kebra is a rising musical genius that I would recommend all reggae dancehall lovers to watch out for. He has dynamism in his music which is sure to rule the world of reggae dancehall years to come.

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