“Ghana the land of Freedom and Justice.”In Ghana we say………AKWAABA”!!!

AKWAABA” is not a strange word to those who have been to Ghana before,it is an expression which simply means “WELCOME”.Ghana is a place of abundance sunshine and exquisite atmosphere mixed with vibrant and archetypal Cultural heritage and traditions,a country with the reputation of friendliness and hospitality.

On the south of the Sahara is a Peaceful and Historical country called Ghana, a former British colony,shares boundary to the west with Cote D’ivoire, to the east with Togo, to the north with Burkina Faso and on the south with the Gulf of Guinea. Ghana abounds with varied cultures stretching from the various ethnic groups in the north to the Akans in the south.

Ghana is a Haven of amazing and tropical beaches combined with the cool and soothing breeze from the Atlantic Ocean,a paradise with immense Tourism,historical monuments and fascinating wildlife.

The origin of the ancient Ghanaians is traced back to nomadic migration from Nubia(one of the ancient Egyptian kingdoms) along the Sahara desert then to the south,it is said that the first permanent state in present Ghana was around 10th and 11th century AD to the 16th century AD.

Ghana became wealthy because of the trading in gold with other parts of the world,like the Portuguese,the Dutch,Prussians,Scandinavians,English etc,they became very powerful and influential on the Atlantic coast with a dominant military power-house,one of these powerful military state is the Ashanti Empire.


There are about ninety-two separate ethnic groups in Ghana.These groups are often classified into a few large groups,these are Akan, Mole Dagbani, Ewe, Ga Adangbe, Guan and Gume (Gurma),Grusi,Mande-Busanga.


The current population of Ghana is estimated to be 30.42 million, up from the official 2010 census figure of 24.2 million.


Ghana’s main ethnic groups are sprung regionally across the country. The Fantes are located in the central region of Ghana covering towns such as Cape Coast, (Oguaa) Kormantse,Abandze, Mankessim, and Elmina among others.The Ga-Adangbe is a small group in the South-Eastern parts of Ghana, in particular the Eastern and the Greater Accra Regions. The Ewes predominate in the east, near Ghana’s border with the Republic of Togo, a country where Ewes also constitute one of the major-ethnic groups. Despite the fact that Ewes are found largely in the Volta region, there are many minority ethnic groups – such as the Likpe, the Avetime,Krachie and Nchumaru – that also live there. Much further to the north, located in Ghana’s Savannah zone, are two other major ethnic groups,the Gurma in the North East and the Mole-Dagbani to the West.

These various ethnic groups also exhibit plenty of culture which makes Ghana one of the Culture hub in Africa,this beautiful culture has breed a lot of religious and Agricultural Festivals and the love of these festivals makes Ghana one of the best and most visited tourist destination in Africa and the world as well.Some of the noted festivals are the Oguaa Fetu Afahye,Ga Homowo,Edina Bakatue,Odwira.Adae,the PANAFEST and the Year Of Return etc.



Ghana can also boast of some mouthwatering and awesome tourist attractions and UNESCO heritage sites,these noted tourist attractions are the Cape Coast,Elmina,and the Christianborg castles,Fort Victoria,Fort William,Fort Orange,Fort Amsterdam,Fort Dixcove etc, Cape Coast Kakum Canopy Walkway,Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum,Mt. Afadjato,Lake Bosumtwi,Boti,Kintampo and Wli waterfalls,Assin Manso Slave River and many more.


MYGHANAMAN “Ghana My Country”

Dr.Kwame Nkrumah
Dr.Kwame Nkrumah

My Ghanaman is a place to visit online corresponding to knowing Ghana.It is a Ghanaian-owned community established to meet the needs of Travel and Tourism,Eco-Tourism,Vacation,leisure and to also Highlight the rich culture and Traditions of Ghana.

This Website is designed to help boost tourism and also to put the name of Ghana beyond reach.It is here to inform,Educate and also to Entertain the masses.

The freedom of movement and easy to navigate to tourist destinations nationwide makes touring in Ghana hustle and tussle free.One hallmark of Ghana is her lovely,friendly and hospitable people who are always ready to host,welcome and appreciate your stay.

You can visit anywhere you want so far as you are here in Ghana because you are totally insured with freedom of movement in our peaceful ambiance and ambient.

We believe what makes the world go round and put smile on people’s face is Culture.

Culture of love,

Culture of caring,

culture of accepting that all race are one and a whole,

Culture of religious tolerance and

Culture of socialization.

So therefore,this Website is here to socialize with all and sundry with culture because CULTURE IS NATURE.