Learning Drumming and Dancing in Ghana is one of the greatest privileges one will get when it comes to learning of African Traditional Drums and Ensembles.Some of these African Drums and Ensembles includes Ghana’s and Senegal’s finest and most popular drums on earth the Djembe,Dun-dun,Fontomfrom,Atumpan,Donoo,Brekete and other rhythmic and dynamic percussion instruments. Learning increases wisdom and it doesnt matter where you acquired the knowledge from all that matters is to come up with flying colors or some productive measures and we can help you to make that dream and desire of yours a reality only if you are interested to learn our culture.

Drumming and Dancing group Group
Drumming and Dancing Group

Ghana is a country which is known to have a lot of drummers/performers in the Arts and Culture industry especially on the field of African Traditional Drumming and Ensembles.Dancers,drummers and those who want to learn how to play other African percussion such us xylophone,flute,Marakas,Rattles and many more are at the right place at the right time,and also to those who want to learn the making of  Arts and Crafts are not left out.

A lot of institutions like schools,orphanages,rehabilitation centers,health centers etc have been embarking on exchange programs with Ghana in various fields to assist Ghana and to also tap in something meaningful and productive,all this instances makes Ghana one of the best culture and tourism destinations in the world and not only in Africa.

A lot of great and fabulous Cultural and Ensemble groups or troupes has relatively sold Ghana on the international platforms,some of them are the good old Osibisa band,Root and Anagbo,Ciltad Agro Cultural group(Cape Coast),Ashanti Dance theater(Cape Coast)Kusum Gbo dance and Ensembles,Asnahti dance theater(Cape Coast),the Akwaaba Ensembles,Twediampong Ensembles(Cape Coast),Kete Ensembles,Afro Moses,the late Kofi “Guy Warren” Ghanaba and many more.


Drumming and Dancing Lessons in Ghana has always been part of our culture and will always be so there is an opportunity for all and sundry to try and learn how to dance to shake up the body,to teach others and acquire some new skills.

Arts,Craft and Weaving has also been the bedrock of our culture,some of the noted and prestigious ones are the Kente cloth,Smock,batik,Tie and dye and some authentic arts and craft works like carving,painting,pottery,basketry and many more.

Maybe you wish or want to learn about how to play any of the ensembles such us drums and other percussion or you can imbibe on other training to explore your natural talent and hobbies.You can learn dancing,drumming,weaving,carving,painting,batik,tie and dye,farming,languages,exchange programs,Volunteering,Biking,Hiking and many more.

Please you can contact the administrator in case there is something you wish to learn that we never made mention.


Learning Drumming and Dancing in Ghana is one of the greatest privileges one will get when it comes to learning African Traditional Drums and Ensembles.

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