Cape Coast Metropolis is a Coastal city situated on the South by the Gulf of Guinea or the Atlantic Ocean,to the West is the Komenda/Edina/Aguafo/Abrem district, Abura/Asebu/Kwamankese district to the East and the North by the Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira district and Cape Coast North.
Cape Coast is an ancient city and part of Central Region and their chief language is Fanti a variation of the Twi language. They are the dominant tribe in the Southern part of Ghana.Though there are several tribes along the Southern part of Ghana but the most widely spoken language is the Fanti,with the exception of the Volta regions and the Greater Accra region,some part of Western and Central Ghana speaks Fanti especially Takoradi and Cape Coast.They(Fanti) emerged in the late 17th century from overpopulated,disease prone and tribal skirmish Mankessim/Adowegyiri,they then advanced to the Coastal areas.

A Posuban shrine in Mankesim portraying the three Fanti leaders(top floor)

Moreover,Mankessim was captured from the Etsi’s by the emerging Fanti’s. Though some of the Fanti tribe can also be found in the Ivory Coast.The Esti’s are one of the Guan tribes and indigenous of the Coastal areas which later became Cape Coast,Oral traditions and other sources says that the Fanti’s or the Kurantsi, Abura,Anyan, Ekumfi, Nkusukum, Ajumako and Gomoa people came to meet the Fetu, Edina, Oguaa (market/Cape Coast), Abrem and Asebu people¬†in the area.

Originally,the Fanti’s were part of the Bonoman/Bonomanso around the 12th century AD,but a mere misunderstanding caused some of them to tear apart from the Takyiman and this brought the name”Fa Atsew,which means the half that departed or broke away” the”Borebore” and through the journey of time and migration it became Fanti one of the Akan group. They departed from the Bonoman or Takyiman led by three great leaders and Royals called Obunumankuma,Oson and Adapagyan with their respective priests.



Cape Coast
Cape Coast township

Cape Coast is the first capital city of Ghana before the British moved it to the Greater Accra region in the 18th century.Since the Aboriginal owners like the Oguaa,Edina,Fetu etc were predominant traders,seafarers and farmers,these places became an ancient port city dated back to the 13th century before the Europeans or the white people came.As a port city,it was busy during markets days and people move and fro to buy and sell.They were even trading with the Arabs,Indians,Chinese and other African Empires before the emergence of the Europeans.

Cape Coast and Elmina was even recognized by the Europeans long before the Fanti’s from the Kwaa or the interior forest areas reached the Coast. Elmina was the busiest port city at first and later the Portuguese shifted it to Cabo Corso( Portuguese) which later in English became Cape Coast and Oguaa(a local name for Cape Coast literally means market),they are predominantly fisher-folks/seafarers and a farming community.Later the Portuguese colonists built a trading fort in the area In 1650.

cape coast coastline
Cape Coast

From the 16th century until Ghanaian independence,the city changed hands between various Europeans,namely the Portuguese,the Swedish,the Dutch,the Danes and the British.
The city is dubbed the “Cradle of Education” in Ghana,because the Europeans found solace in settling there than to go deeper,because of this the Fanti’s became literate in western education and began to challenge the Europeans(British) corresponding to managing their own affairs because of the smooth and rapid growth of the Ashanti branch of the Confederacy.

The city also started the advocacy to have their own government and policies.Some of their noted advocates include The Fanti confederacy,The bond of 1844,Aborigines right protection society etc.They also had prominent people and legal practitioners who helped the city in terms of education and legal fiasco,some of them are John Mensah Sarbah,Ekem Ferguson,Jacob Wilson Sey,Kobina Sakyi,Wilberforce just to mention a few.

Corresponding to their mingling with the Europeans than their counterpart in the forest zone like the Ashanti’s and the Akuapem’s,they managed to get some of the early mission schools and churches.These are the Mfanstipim School,St. Augustine’s College,Adisadel College,Wesley Girls Senior High School,Philip Quaque Boys and Girls schools and churches or Cathedrals like the Methodist,Anglican and the Roman Catholic church.


Cape Coast is most visited and popular city in Ghana because of the two major castles,the town is also has some important tourist destinations,these are the Kakum national Park,Cape Coast and Elmina Castles and the slave route during the middle passage at the Assin Manso as well as some wonderful beach resorts,hotels and restaurants.
Cape Coast also has one of the vibrant festivals celebrated in Ghana,The Oguaa Fetu Afahye,the Edina(Elmina) Bakatue and the PANAFEST which starts from the first week of September every year and the Bakatue of Elmina is also in early June but the PANAFEST comes on every two years which is held in August,also,there are other varied festivals celebrated across Central Region/Cape Coast.For more check out the Festivals in Ghana and the Panafest page.

Cape Coast and Central regions has a lot of tourist sites to encourage you to tour and travel around the city or region for all your sight seeing and entertaining pleasures but there are varied of cultural and tourist site across the Country.
Some of the Tourist attractions or sites are the Cape Coast and the Elmina Castles,Fort Victoria etc. The Kakum National Park and Canopy walkway is one of the fewest and awesome in Africa,Hans Cottage Hotel is also a well known lodge and a crocodile pond,Efutu Mampong Ostrich Farms at Efutu in the Central region of Cape Coast and many more.
Those who are fascinated about drumming and cultural can also watch live cultural and drumming shows or visit the Drumming and Dancing lessons page or some popular places to check out are the Oasis beach resort,Kobby Bamboo Resort,Kosa Beach,Best Western Beach Resort etc.
There are also artifacts and Souvenir shops around Cape Coast,the Elmina Castle and also a place along the castle road close to Queen Victoria Park called the Front line by the locals.



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Cape Coast Metropolis is a Coastal city situated on the South by the Gulf of Guinea or the Atlantic Ocean,to the West is the Komenda/Edina/Aguafo/Abrem district, Abura/Asebu/Kwamankese district to the East and the North by the Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira district and Cape Coast North.

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