About Us

Nana Kofi Dekye Acquaye Webmaster/Administrator

MYGHANAMAN “Ghana My Country”

My Ghanaman is a place to visit online corresponding to knowing Ghana.It is a Ghanaian-owned community established to meet the needs of Travel and Tourism,Eco-Tourism,Vacation,leisure and to also Highlight the rich culture and Traditions of Ghana and Africa as a whole.

This Website is designed to help boost tourism and also to put the name of Ghana and the motherland Africa beyond reach.It is here to inform,Educate and also to Entertain the masses.The freedom of movement and easy to navigate to tourist destinations nationwide makes touring in Ghana hustle and tussle free.One hallmark of Ghana is her lovely,friendly and hospitable people who are always ready to host,welcome and appreciate your stay. You can visit anywhere you want so far as you are here in Ghana because you are totally insured with freedom of movement in our peaceful ambiance and ambient.


Kofi Dekye Acquaye (igodoblack),A Web Developer,Digital Marketer,Search Engine Optimization specialist,Growth Hacker and UI/UX Developer. A Writer/Blogger on Travel and Tourism,Arts and Culture,Fashion/Lifestyle,Sports and Technology,the Founder and Administrator of MyGhanaman website(Travel and Tourism) and Foundation.


The world is contrasting now as a global village and the internet and website is now a vital component when it comes to communication. When we talk about communication and the internet what comes to mind first is a websites/web-pages because website makes the internet come alive. In this way,the best thing to do to reach millions out there is to convey a positive,educative and captivating stories to the masses for a BETTER TOMORROW. So I felt the need to create a platform on which we can share and promote what is happening in the Tourism industry since it’s the only way that could bring tourist,investors and people from around the world in other to promote our culture,traditions,norms and development.We believe what makes the world go round and put smile on people’s face is Culture.

Culture of love,

Culture of caring,

culture of accepting that all race are one and a whole,

Culture of religious tolerance and

Culture of socialization.

So therefore,this Website is here to socialize with all and sundry with culture because CULTURE IS NATURE. Akwaaba