My Best 21 Travel Tips will make you love to travel and never stop because you will discover the secret to travel safely like an expert.

Travel tips are a MUST have step by step guide that aid Travelers / Tourist to know how to adapt, adopt or blend with a certain environment or culture. This well researched step by step 21 Travel Tips is specifically prepared to fervently guide you to be safe everywhere you go and also boost your morale when traveling everywhere. “Traveling is part of Education” and it has been a part and parcel of humans for eons, people basically travel for a reason and this reasons are varied.

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*To seek a greener pastures.
*To run away from war, famine, embarrassment etc.
*To find a job.
*To learn a profession (training) or a trade.
*For a vacation / holidays etc.
*For educational reasons.
*For a visit / invitation.
*For tourism, exploration, adventures etc.

All the above mentioned are some of the factors people travel, amid this travelling, the traveler is sure and intending to survive, make it to the destination and feel safe, secure and sound to enjoy the benefit and fulfill the dream or purpose of the trip, it can be a vacation, holidays, exploration or what have you. Most of all, feeling safe and secure doesn’t come from a police, a president, a friend or anyone but yourself.

You have to be care-wise enough and take certain cautious measures, if you dont take this measures yourself, believe me, there would be no security agency or a bodyguard to cover for you, even people with bodyguard, tour guide or whatever sometimes get killed or robbed. Your life, safety and security is in your own hands so it’s up to you to grab this important travel tips with all your might and power to take you through your trips, always remember that your safety is your life. Fortunately, I am going to share with you some of the best travel tips and practical examples you can imbibe on to travel and tour everywhere safely and secure. There is always a first time to know a place.


  1. Take an extra bank or credit card with you, no doubt about this.
  2. Avoid going out late at night or going out in the night alone.
  3. Avoid going to the night clubs, shanty (ghetto) town and other related places alone.
  4. Don’t be too inquisitive and slow when walking in isolated places.
  5. Find out if the Hotel or the guest-house has a proper security measures like security guards, alarms ,CCTV cams, fenced with barbed or razor wire or electrocuted, then make sure to leave your passport or any valuable documents behind.
  6. Don’t take pictures or videos anyhow, anyplace at anytime, seek a permission if feasible.
  7. Don’t stuff yourself with your documents and belongings when going out credit card is enough.
  8. Ask appropriate places for directions and advice, you can ask Tourist information centers, Tour Agencies, Hotels, Police stations, Shopping mall/centers, Filling stations or decent vending points along your way for direction.
  9. Control your sex life (Libido) or what you are addicted to.
  10. Don’t be pompous, indecent, disrespectful and disobedient, just beware of your dressing, since appearance are sometimes deceptive.
  11. Learn and research about your destination vividly, you can check some vital Travel and Tourism websites and State department websites or agencies to be certain of where you are going.
  12. Make sure to befriend a local if you are OK with that (preferably opposite sex) but becareful and dont trust quickly.
  13. Don’t eat, buy or drink anyhow, eat at appropriate places, restaurants, or neat fast food joints.
  14. Don’t go to Isolated, rowdy places like beaches, tour sites, programs or events alone.
  15. Be friendly, laugh a lot and tolerate the locals but be very careful when dealing with them.
  16. Always take a Taxi cab, Bus, Coaches, Trains etc at authorized places, you can befriend a trustworthy and ideal Taxi driver or simply use Uber or Car rental services.
  17. Learn about common travel scams (there are bad people everywhere), study everyone well before you give out anything even if it’s for a charity or an NGO.
  18. Try to blend a bit with your surroundings and people, learning basic and simple native language of your destination is a plus.
  19. Thoroughly check your health and refrain from what you are allergic to.
  20. Get a Travel Insurance or emergency information kits like phone numbers, passport photos, passport ID (copy page), E-mail IDs.
  21. Tell your parents, wife, close friends (boyfriend, girlfriend etc) and your work place about where you are going or let your bank know where you are going.

Traveling and Touring suppose to be Fun, Educative, Relaxing and Enjoyable because when you travel you experience different cultures to expand your horizon. I sincerely hope this piece will be of great help and beneficial to you. Note that, this Safety Travel Tips are for your own good, it is meant  to encourage and empower you safely and secure when traveling around this beautiful and wonderful world.

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